The Nigerian Amy Welfare Limited By Guarantee (NAWL/G) as a child of the Nigerian Army (NA) transformation came to being in May 2008.


Militaries place welfare of it’s personnel as top priority. Nigerian Army (NA) is not an exception. The NA has over time introduced and still introducing various welfare packages in order to meet its moral component strategy which would produce a well-focused and morale motivated troop to win all battles as well as render aids to civil authority in quelling all forms of insecurity. Consequently, the NA established Army welfare holdings limited (AWHL) which later in 2008 metamorphosed to Nigerian Army Welfare Limited/Guarantee (NAWL/G) ... Its primary mandate was to coordinate the welfare of the NA personnel. it is also tasked to provide strategic policy, direction, streamline, harmonize and coordinate the activities of hitherto independent subsidiaries. Its strategic mission is to turn "waste to wealth" by exploring opportunities within our environment to improve on the welfare of troops and profitability for the NA. They are Nigerian Army Post Exchange (NAPEX), Nigerian Army Properties Limited (NAPL) and Nigerian Army Small Scale Drug Manufacturing Unit (NASDMU). Others are Nigerian Army Welfare Insurance Scheme (NAWIS), Post Service Housing Development (PHD) and Post-Service Homes Savings and Loans (PHL). NAWL/G has had 5 Group Managing Directors since its establishment. Since its inauguration, it has remained focused to consolidate the NA Transformation Process by ensuring that the established welfare concernsare repositioned for better performance through synergy, harmonisation of resources, central coordination, control and good corporate governance. The achievement of these objectives rest on the coordination activities of three departments; The Department of Operations, Finance and Administration and Corporate Affairs. The Executive Director of Finance and Administration’s Office is the nerve centre, which coordinates all financial activities of the Holdings. The pioneer director was Colonel FS Attairu (rtd). He served from the inception of the department to 1 June 2009 before retiring. The mantle of leadership then fell on Lieutenant Colonel AA Adekoya who acted as the Executive Director from 1 June, 2009 to 15 January, 2010. The Executive Finance Director is presently Major General AO Adetayo. NAWL/G is currently headed by a General Managing Director (GMD) by the name of Major General Kadiri.