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COAS: Lt Gen KTJ Minimah


Nigerian Army Finance Corps like any other corps or department of the Nigerian Army has set objectives to achieve in order to justify her existence. The objectives include:
  • A. Regular payment of personnel emoluments of all ranks.
  • B. Receiving and disbursing Nigerian Army funds.
  • C. Settlement of Nigerian Army bills and provision of financial advice to commanders at all levels.
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History of the Nigeria Army Finance Corps

The history of the Nigerian Army Finance Corps (NAFC) cannot be completely written without a collaborating brief on the history of Nigerian Army (NA). This is because the history of NAFC is relatively tied to the evolution of the NA. As the NA went through various stages of re-organization, the NAFC which is the NA instrument of financial administration in terms of receipts, disbursements and management of funds also went through various stages of development.

The name Pay and Records Office as a unit and the Nigerian Army Pay Corps as the Corps was then known; went through four main structural stages before it became the NAFC. To conveniently contain the bulk of the increased roles and responsibilities brought about by the Nigerian Army Order of Battle (NA ORBAT), the change in nomenclature became necessary. more